Chanakya Web Development

Chanakya provides Web Hosting Service on the latest high configuration Servers with open source tested and industry leading Linux operating systems installed with a range of software to manage clients’ websites. Chanakya’s servers are located in the data center of the world leading company The Planet based in Dallas, United States. Hosting servers are well managed, monitored 24×7 and highly secured with almost 99.9 % uptime subjected to maintenance or upgradations.
The databases and websites are regularly backed up by our server admins, but you are also requested to backup your contents as well.

Web hosting is a term that you’ve about absolutely familiar, but which you may not absolutely understand. Perhaps you are acquainted that it’s something to do with looking with your website, but you are not abiding about all the various types of hosting that are available. We guide you with all of your questions, and advice you to accomplish the appropriate choices if you are about to bound into the apple of active your own websites.

First of all, we charge to be bright what web hosting in actuality means. As the name suggests, it’s artlessly a way of hosting your website on the internet. You buy or charter server amplitude from a web host company, who hosts the abstruse cipher that makes up your web page on their computers. If your website is a bazaar act, the web host is the bazaar tent, and like bazaar tents, web hosts appear in all shapes and sizes.

Chanakya provides different types of web hosting as:

  • Free Shared Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • Virtual Dedicated or Virtual Hosting on Virtual Private Servers
  • Dedicated Hosting on Dedicated Servers
  • Cloud Hosting