Chanakya Web Development

Chanakya provides industry leading web development services. Chanakya has been providing the leading and future planned hosting web development services since its inception so it’s the one of leading web development companies of India providing its services at national and international levels. Chanakya has adopted the open source technology based on PHP, My SQL, Linux and Unix from the very beginning as the leading social network sites and search engines are presently equipped with these services and technology.

Web Development under PHP Frameworks:

Chanakya has been using powerful, rapid development, full-stack, focused on building more secure, reliable and modern PHP Frameworks. The PHP Frameworks are for the creation and maintenance of PHP web applications and web service with more simplicity and best practice oriented vision. Frameworks help to develop PHP applications quickly and are popular tools for web development.

Chanakya uses the popular, feature-packed and corporate-level development frameworks. Frameworks are the basic conceptual structure used to solve or address complex issues. The advantage is that Frameworks are used for a lot of pre-made things to speed the work significantly.

Frameworks give common structures to build better websites, normalize web apps, assist productivity, reduce repetitive coding and create more stable sites. There are numerous advantages of working with a framework when creating and maintaining projects. Web Development work can be faster and more efficient when using a framework.

WordPress Development: WordPress is easy for social and personal Blogs so Chanakya uses this user friendly CMS. Blogs can be easily developed and managed through WordPress so it is preferred for Blog Development.

Chanakya uses WordPress CMS for Web Portals, Websites and Popular Blogs. It is easy to maintain and manage the CMS at end user and client users if they do not have web development knowledge.

Drupal CMS: Chanakya Web development team creates web portals and web sites in Drupal CMS Development.

Joomla CMS Development: Chanakya has designed too many websites and Web Portals in Joomla CMS. Chanakya has good experience to develop Web Portals with other CMS and Joomla especially.
Joomla is a prior choice to develop Web Magazines. There are to many options to design, manage and update websites in Joomla. Joomla is used to develop and design web portals for Newspapers.

Chanakya uses CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP and Zend Frameworks which are the most popular Frameworks to create and develop web based programmes, website and applications.