Chanakya Web Development

Web Development under PHP Frameworks Chanakya has been using powerful, rapid development, full-stack, focused on building more secure, reliable and modern PHP Frameworks. The PHP Frameworks are for creation and maintenance of PHP web applications and web service with more simplicity and best practice oriented vision. Frameworks help to develop PHP applications quickly and are popular tools for web development.

Chanakya uses the popular, feature-packed and corporate-level development frameworks. Frameworks are the basic conceptual structure used to solve or address complex issues. The advantage is that Frameworks are used for a lot of pre-made things to speed the work significantly.

Frameworks give common structures to build better websites, normalise web apps, assist productivity, reduce repetitive coding and create more stable sites. There are numerous advantages of working with a framework when creating and maintaining projects. Web Development work can be faster and more efficient when using a framework.

Chanakya uses CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP and Zend Frameworks which are the most popular Frameworks to create and develop web based programmes, website and applications.

Web and IT Consultants

Chanakya is a professionally managed web development, software development and domain registration company with strict adherence to quality standards to achieve successful results. We follow the key factors that make us top-notch web service providers. We have a successful track record of around 20 years providing services to the clients across India and at international level.

Chanakya provides support and services to clients at 24x7 time. For Domain Registration, Web Hosting and Web Development we are available every time to provide services and olutions for our clients.

Chanakya’s Web services:

  1. Search Engine Optimisation
  2. Search Engine friendly websites
  3. Submissions to major Search Engines
  4. Regular monitoring of your Website
  5. Competitor analysis/ monitoring= Link popularity services
  6. Search Engine Listing
  7. Social Bookmarking
  8. Directory Submission
  9. Article Submission
  10. Blog Review Service
  11. News Release via RSS
  12. Copy / Content writing
  13. News-events