Chanakya Web Development


Chanakya has certain plans for SEO (Search Engines Optimisation) as suitable to clients requirement and budget. The plan costs depend upon the keywords and position of the keywords in search engines and many other factors. After getting your requirement one of our representative will discuss with you in your convenient time.

SEO Methodology

Chanakya is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agency of India that understands completely the techniques of Search Engine ranking. We are a consulting organisation that provides a range of internet based services. Chanakya is a team of professional developers and Search Engine Optimisation experts sepecialising in custom graphic, web design and search engine ranking to improve your web site ranking,

Chanakya identifies Search Engine optimisation (SEO) as a technique of marketing strategy and a combination of factors to increase traffic and get higher rankings in major search engines. SEO is a part of Internet Marketing and Advertising that helps promote the website so it may provide you with qualified leads, more business and therefore optimum growth. Being an expert in Search Engine optimisation and other online promotion strategies, we offer you world-class services. Chanakya provides complete website development solutions right from domain name registration to web hosting, designing, website promotion including search engine optimisation.

Chanakya believes that an organisation’s web site can be more than just another communication tool – it is a window to the world that lets you interact, transact, build brands, test products.
Chanakya combines rich content and effective web site design with web applications to provide you and your potential customers with a quality experience and this experience is a result of an entire process of business, creative and technical understanding.

Chanakya works closely with the customers to achieve excellent results by using a methodology and identifying the strategies to accomplish your specific goals – ensuring both cost-effective marketing solutions and quality results.

Initial Consultation

  • We believe that nobody knows your business as well as you. However being your marketing consultant, it is important for us to know your business just as well. This information helps us form a basis to build the entire successful online marketing campaign.
  • An SEO specialist is assigned to your project that would be available to you via phone as well as email.

Key Phrase Identification

Success of search engine marketing mainly depends on selecting the right keywords that would not only describe your business in the most precise way but would also bring in traffic to your website. At this point, we request you to provide us a list of phrases that you feel are important to your business. Based on those we perform an in-depth research using online tools, to come up with key phrases that would be most beneficial to your business. We spend a lot of effort on keyword analysis and research for you for this stage is what would define the shape of the campaign.

Website Optimisation

Once the key phrases have been finalised by you for each target page of the site, then we start the main website optimisation process.

Content Optimisation

  • Search Engines place the highest importance on sites with quality content. It is therefore important for your site to have enough quality content that is totally relevant to your business.
  • Web pages with high keyword density and relevant quality text are much liked by search engines, and that’s why we too place a lot of importance on having good content on our clients’ websites.

Content / Copy Writing

  • Skilled content writers at Chanakya undertake the task of optimising your website to include target key phrases while ensuring that it would make complete sense to a layman, thus enriching the website with content that would please the user as well as the Search engine spiders.
  •  We provide professional copy writing for you products and services. We develop contents based on the information provided by you.